By Lemor Abrams

ISLETON (CBS13) — A grass fire tore through a mobile home park along the Delta, destroying or damaging more than a dozen homes in the process.

The Thursday afternoon fire on Brannan Island near Isleton destroyed seven structures, including six homes, and left several more damaged.

Firefighters were in mop up mode into the night, making sure everything that’s smoldering is out. Homeowners say a mobile home was destroyed so quickly in the afternoon heat and winds, it looked like something from a movie set.

All homeowners could do is pray as the fire ripped through homes, cars and trees.

Kimberly Korth’s home is one of the few still standing at Korth’s Pirates Lair Marina, but she says that’s not guaranteed.

“It might still go,” she said. “They’re saying there’s something in the attic, so they’re poking holes in my roof right now.”

Firefighters say it started with a small grass fire off of West Brannan Road that ripped through the mobile home park in seconds. Dry brush and strong Delta winds fed the flames.

Judi Nunley still isn’t sure if her weekend trailer is going to make it, but she’s worried more about her neighbors.

“The whole place is gone,” she said. “You feel sorry for the people who live here full; time that’s their whole livelihood you know.”