MODESTO (CBS13) — A police honor guard marched to a Modesto apartment with a very special delivery on Thursday.

The apartment’s tenant, Safiullah Jabarkhail is getting back something he lost nearly a year ago at Los Angeles International Airport.

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He and his wife forgot a briefcase on the plane from their home country of Afghanistan when they moved here last September with something that couldn’t be replaced—their wedding album.

“I have the soft copies but the way that we printed, the way that we did it in Afghanistan, it was memorable for us,” he said.

The briefcase had no name, no phone number and no tags. But airport police knew the album shouldn’t be destroyed after 97 days, like many other lost and found items.

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“Our lost and found officers recognized that it was a special item and it deserved special handling,” said officer Thomas Dye.

They reached out to the media, and our sister station in Los Angeles reported on the mystery album two weeks ago. With the help of social media, Safiullah got a call from a cousin in the Bay Area within hours.

“That was really amazing. I mean, you know, just like the FBI’s Top 10, people recognize things and the next thing you know, there’s phone calls all over the country,” Dye said.

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The honor guard came to Hayward for the funeral of slain Sgt. Scott Lunger. The somber trip ended up giving the officers the opportunity to stop in Modesto to deliver a bit of joy.