OAKDALE (CBS13) — Stanislaus County is stopping an Oakdale woman from having guest on her property.

“I’ve risen to the place of business owner and farm owner, and now the county wants to squash that opportunity,” said Connie Robinson.

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Robinson is upset that it may now be impossible for her to share her Oakdale ranch with members of the public.
The Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors has authorized legal action against the Oakdale rancher.

“The county is painting as this huge event center that we have, when in reality we’ve had more family events than we have had weddings,” said Robinson.

Robinson said she has lent her barn to nonprofits and her family gatherings but admits she has on occasion rented her barn for weddings or other events. Robinson feels she has the right to do so.

“The county has basically said that they want to monitor everything I do here on my property,” said Robinson.

County officials say there is more to the story and she is breaking the law.

“Currently the county ordinances do not allow for use permits this kind of activity in the agricultural zone,” said Jack Doering.

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Doering said its clear Robinson is running a rental business which is against the law for an agricultural zoned area.

“I’m not sure how many people complained, but my understanding is that it’s been repeated complaints and the complaints are primarily noise and traffic,” said Doering.

Robinson insists she’s not bothering anyone and hasn’t been notified.

Although some counties allow for agricultural land to double as a venue Stanislaus does not.

The Robinson family vows to fight this.

The County says they will try to talk to the family, but if that’s not going to work, they will file suit.

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There was a move back in 2008 to try and change the county ordinance, but it failed.