by Russell Preston, KHTK Sacramento

With the 2015 football season quickly approaching, odds-makers at Bovada have released preseason rankings for who is likely to lead in each stat category by the end of the season. In this case, they have just released the top-23 players chances for leading passing yards, rushing yards and receiving yards. 

Passing Leaders  –  Rushing Leaders

The Raiders have some new weapons for QB Derek Carr to pass to – a luxury Raiders quarterbacks didn’t have in the past. With new potential super star Amari Cooper, he may see huge success earlier than most expected. As the only rookie on this list of top-37, Cooper was given 50/1 odds to take the crown for top receiver this year.

As for the 49ers, they have two weapons in Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith who complement each other nicely. They are also on this short list, appearing near the bottom as tied for 29th with 100/1 odds.

Check out the receiver rankings below:

Antonio Brown                          11/2

Julio Jones                               13/2

Odell Beckham                          9/1

Dez Bryant                                9/1

Calvin Johnson                         9/1

Demaryius Thomas                    9/1

T.Y. Hilton                                 12/1

Jordy Nelson                            12/1

A.J. Green                                16/1

Alshon Jeffery                          20/1

DeAndre Hopkins                      25/1

Andre Johnson                          25/1

Randall Cobb                            33/1

Mike Evans                               33/1

Emmanuel Sanders                   33/1

Brandin Cooks                          50/1

Amari Cooper                            50/1

Rob Gronkowski                       50/1

DeSean Jackson                       50/1

Jordan Matthews                       50/1

Kelvin Benjamin                         66/1

Larry Fitzgerald                         66/1

Jimmy Graham                          66/1

Jarvis Landry                            66/1

Golden Tate                              66/1

Vincent Jackson                        75/1

Brandon Marshall                      75/1

Sammy Watkins                        75/1

Keenan Allen                             100/1

Anquan Boldin                          100/1

Marques Colston                       100/1

Victor Cruz                                100/1

Julian Edelman                          100/1

Jeremy Maclin                           100/1

Steve Smith                              100/1

Torrey Smith                             100/1

Roddy White                             100/1

Antonio Bryant is primed for another huge year with big Ben Roethlisberger throwing bombs to him all season. As is Julio Jones of Atlanta, who can easily take the title over the favorite.

The Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts are both intriguing as they have a similar set of receivers in this group. Randal Cobb and Jordy Nelson are 13th and 7th respectively, while Andre Johnson and T.Y. Hilton are tied 11th and tied 7th respectively.

Source: Bovada