YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — Students at Lindhurst High School in Yuba County were outside the school Tuesday morning protesting high temperatures inside the classrooms.

Students were chanting “no air, no fair”, and two students were holding signs that read: “Under the Williams Act, it is illegal to have us sit in classrooms over 75 degrees and they expect us to cover ourselves.”

Some of the school’s air conditioners are broken, forcing classes had to be canceled recently amid triple-digit temperatures.

Students and staff in about a dozen classrooms are affected.

“You’re restless, and you’re trying focusing, and you’re stressed out and it’s just like you can’t wait to get out of there,” said freshman Jamie Fry.

Parents say it’s an unacceptable learning environment.

The school has brought in portable fans and coolers, along with bottled water to keep kids hydrated.

The district is hoping to fix the air conditioners in phases, and they may not be completely back online until next spring.

The cost of fixing the air conditioners is estimated at $5 million.