SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Shilo Baptist Church in Oak Park welcomed back hometown hero Anthony Sadler for services Sunday morning.

Anthony’s father is the church pastor. There was no doubt what his sermon would be about.

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“God had a team aboard that train that was going to take care of us,” Sadler Sr. preached.

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Anthony sat quietly and listened to his father’s sermon, his first time back in his dad’s church since he and his Sacramento friends became honored as heroes for stopping an alleged terrorist on a Paris-bound train.

After the service, Pastor Sadler spoke to reporters.

“We’re just thankful for all of the prayers and support Sacramento has given our son Anthony and the family upon our return,” Sadler Sr. said.

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Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson stood beside the pastor. Anthony did not talk to reporters.

“He’s adjusting, but it’s slow. Some of it has to do with the travel and not so much the experience itself. Some of it has to do with the experience itself as well,” Sadler Sr. said.

Sacramento State announced Anthony would begin classes this year studying at home to decompress after the events in France.

The Sadler family arrived back in the U.S. last Tuesday, but was whisked away by law enforcement on the airport tarmac. Sadler spoke briefly at city hall the next day.

Now at Sunday service, the Sadler family is reunited and sharing their story in a sermon.

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“I knew going in it was going to be a high-praise service. [It] had everything to do with those circumstances,” Sadler Sr. said. “Being back in the house of God, being thankful that my son is here.”