Search giant Google on Tuesday unveiled a new corporate logo, a few weeks after Google surprised the world with a massive restructuring that would put Google under a holding company called Alphabet.

Among the changes: Its hues are flatter, and it closely resembles Alphabet’s logo, particularly with sans-serif styling, meaning its letters don’t have any flourishes. Despite the update, it’s still playful and uses the same colors as the previous design.

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The logo change is just the latest in the Mountain View, Calif.-based company acknowledgements that it’s a far different company than the search Website founded in 1998. The company has since gone on to build software for smartphones and tablets, launch balloons that beam Internet signals across the globe, design smart glasses and even prototype self-driving cars.

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The logo change isn’t merely symbolic, however. When Google was first created nearly two decades ago, it was meant for desktop computers.  This new logo, Google said, will be easier to read on small devices, and a better compliment to its new mobile-friendly “G” icon

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