By Kelly Ryan

FOLSOM (CBS13) – Work has begun on building a barge that would supply Folsom with drinking water if water levels get so low the current system doesn’t function.

The system taking shape a system that could be a lifesaver for the city.

Crews have begun working and welding on pipes that will make up a pump system. Those pumps will connect to a barge that will float on top of Folsom Lake.

If water goes below the intake valve currently used to get water to Folsom, the barge will be put to use pumping water from the lake over the dam and into a pipeline to the city of Folsom.

The Bureau of Reclamation has been planning this temporary pump system for months and say water levels and storage can take them through October. But they wanted a system in place if it’s needed.

“If we waited, we would not be able to provide the water needed. It would not be able to meet the demand and that’s vital to every day operations,” said Louis Moore from the Bureau of Reclamation.

The lake is not at its lowest level – that was back in 1977 when levels reached 150,000 acre-feet. It’s currently it’s at 197,000.

Officials say they’ve been storing and conserving and based on the weather forecast. They believed the barge won’t be used, but it’s there if needed.