SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police confirm the man killed at Sacramento City College was a student at the college. They are not releasing his name.

The shooting was in a parking lot on the southern edge of campus, north of Sutterville Road.

There is a somber and uneasy feeling in the atmosphere on the campus Thursday night as police continue to search for the shooter.

Frantic moments were captured on cellphone video as students jumped in to help save the life of a man gunned down on the campus of Sacramento City College.

“I was literally walking out of the building, like opened the building, turned toward the right and I hear pow, pow!” said a student.

The gunfire comes less than two weeks into fall semester, narrowly missing this first year student who did not want us to identify him.

“I’m walking out of class and I see this lunatic shooting two men,” he said.

The freshman says the gunman casually walked up to the men without saying a word before he fired as many as five shots.

“I run the other direction because I feared him turning around and shooting me because I’m a witness. So I ran upstairs and I called the cops; and I was freaking out.”

Police say one man was killed. A second person was shot several times, while a third was grazed by a bullet.

“Four individuals were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical,” said Los Rios Police Department Corporal Dustin Poorelos.

Sacramento Police Department Chief Sam Somers spoke with worried family members who tried to comfort one another through tears. This happened as investigators locked down the campus to search for the shooter.

“I feel like we need to figure out who did this and make sure it never happens again,” said Chris, a student.

With the suspect still on the run, students are left shaken as another campus shooting turns deadly.

“I’m definitely not going to be going here next semester because I fear this kind of stuff happening again,” said a student.

One of the shooting victims is in critical condition tonight at UC Davis Medical Center, but we’ve been told he is expected to be OK.

Questions are being raised about how long it took the college to alert students about the shooting and the lockdown. Some students told CBS13 they didn’t receive an alert until 40 minutes after the shooting. Officials say the alert went out 20 minutes after the incident because they wanted to make sure they had all the facts.