By Kyle Buis

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California woman has proposed a solution to fixing the political process by placing a steep tax on political advertisements.

The initiative submitted to the California Attorney General’s office calls for a 1,000 percent sales tax on all political advertisements in the state of California. At that rate, every $100 spent on an ad would generate $1,000 for schools.

For the privilege of influencing public elections and political issues, a sales tax of 1,000% (one thousand percent) is hereby imposed on Political Advertisements. The proceeds of which shall solely benefit California public education. There shall be no exemptions to this tax, except as federally required or as passed by a California ballot initiative.

Political Advertisements shall mean any political advertising delivered within the state of California. This is applicable to both cash and barter transactions. This includes, but is not limited to all media spending by political parties, political-action committees or candidates.

The initiative is open for comment on the Attorney General’s site, but isn’t likely to reach the ballot anytime soon. If did qualify for the ballot and was approved by voters, it would likely face a stiff legal challenge from donors contending their First Amendment rights are limited by the high tax.

The author has also proposed lowering the drinking age to 18 in California and removing party affiliations from election ballots.

Each initiative cost $200 to submit, but that number will ironically go to $2,000—which is 1,000 percent of $200—under a new law passed by California lawmakers after a controversial ballot measure earlier this year that advocated putting gay people to death.