MODESTO (CBS13) — A huge chunk of ice crashed down on a Modesto home as one witness says she saw the block of ice fall from the sky.

The family was in the living room when it happened, and said it sounded like a car crash, almost like a bomb went off.

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Under the scorching sun on a late summer, triple-digit day, it’s the last thing Monica Savath expected.

“First thing, stepped out, looked—like what the hell?” she said.

A giant block of ice fell from the sky, ripping through her roof.

“A block of ice, water dripping and shocked like, what on earth happened?” she said.

She snapped a few pictures before it all melted on the garage floor. The ice left behind a gaping hole and a mystery in the Modesto neighborhood—where did the ice come from?

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Neighbor Lisa Lawrence saved a small piece of the ice chunk she says was bigger than a basketball. She says she was outside having a smoke on Wednesday morning when she says she heard the ice whizz by before she watched it smash through her neighbor’s roof.

“Sounded like a jet actually—that’s what made me look up and I was like, if that’s a jet it’s travelling pretty low,” she said.

Now she’s wondering if the ice came from a plane, which isn’t unheard of. Blue ice, named for its distinctive color, is basically frozen sewage—a mix of human waste and disinfectant. Planes aren’t allowed to dump it, but on rare occasions, it leaks.

But everyone we spoke to said the ice wasn’t blue; it was pure white.

Savath is grateful that even though the ice damaged the back bumper of her car and left a huge hole to patch up, her family wasn’t in harm’s way.

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“The hole like it looks like it could’ve done some serious damage to us, any of us,” she said.