SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento State has opened a food pantry to help supplement the food and toiletries students can’t afford.

Sacramento State grad student Ali Boyd knows the “starving student” status all too well. Between a 20-hour-a-week job, a stacked class schedule; and increasing tuition and fees during her undergrad, money for food was tight.

“It’s an embarrassing part of the college experience,” she said. “It’s definitely stressful. I think having to choose between ‘Am I going to eat breakfast today or dinner?’”

School administrators say her story is becoming all too common. With rising tuition costs and living expenses, college campuses across the country have seen an uptick in what they call food insecurity among students.

But now, hungry Hornets can turn to the on-campus food pantry for help.

“We had 39 students visit this space within a four-hour time frame. Within the first 15 minutes, we had helped 4 students in the door. So that speaks volumes for what it is our students are challenging,” said director of student engagement and outreach Davin Brown.

With everything from soup and salad dressing to pre-packaged meals, peanut butter and toiletries, items are priced using a point system. Sixteen points are allotted to each student once a week. All you have to do is present your student ID and shop.

Students say the new resources especially helps those who have had cuts to financial aid this semester.

“I’ve felt it this semester, so it kind of took me aback and we have to pay for bills and credit cards and debts and stuff,” Tatyana Ivanilov said.

Organizers say the pantry of promise can help feed the next generation of leaders.

“When we consider how much we push our young people to pursue post-secondary education, we want to provide an environment that allows them to be successful in their pursuit,” Brown said.

The food pantry is in room 163 at Yosemite Hall.