By Leigh Martinez

JACKSON (CBS13) – Volunteers are taking care of large animals and house pets outside of the Raley’s.

It’s not just homeowners, but entire farms and ranches on standby waiting for Cal Fire to say it’s safe to go home.

Davis Sprint spends his afternoons hanging out at the Highway 26 road block, talking with Caltrans workers.

“These guys are cool to talk to and it’s better than being out and worrying about things. I’m spending time here and it’s keeping my mind occupied,” said Sprint.

The positive is that Cal Fire says this area will not reignite, however homeowners are not being allowed back in to check their properties.

Cal Fire says no one except fire and PG&E crews are allowed on Highway 26, because conditions are unsafe.

Strike teams are still putting out spot fires and inspecting houses to see which ones are safe for homeowners to return to.

Cal Fire says the numerous downed power lines on the highway also complicate efforts to get people back home. More than 300 PG&E workers are trying to fix things, but even these crews need help getting access on the Calaveras County Hills.

“We’re using helicopters to access the terrain. We can’t get trucks and vehicles up to some locations, so we actually have to fly in the poles,” said Paul Moreno, spokesman for PG&E.

For now, Sprint says he’s comfortable right where he is; out at the road block, first in line to go home.

Everyone is anxious to go home but those with animals say not knowing the condition of their properties complicates making long-term plans.

They need to know not only if they have a house, but stables, barns, and pasture for their animals.