SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some Sacramento residents are complaining about an earthy, musty taste in the water coming out of their taps. It’s noticeable enough that the city says they’ve received calls from concerned customers.

We wanted to know, what’s causing it and is it dangerous?

“The water does taste a little bit mossy,” said Sacramento resident Jan Schaffer.

Schaffner says what’s coming out of her tap in South Land Park lately tastes more like the bottom of the river than what’s flowing up top.

“It’s quite noticeable,” said Schaffner.

“Got a glass of tap water and noticed it was kind of…tasted kind of earthy…muddy almost. It was clear though, it just tasted off,” said Joe Smith, a Sacramento resident.

Over on the other side of town in College Glen, Smith says he’s noticed it too.

“I don’t like to taste water like that. I’ve been drinking bottled water ever since,” said Smith.

“It’s kind of concerning,” said Schaffner.

Rhea Serran with the city of Sacramento’s Department of Utilities says the earthy taste and smell is due to lower water levels in the Sacramento and American rivers and higher water temperatures.

“It’s been heating up and that causes the algae to form and the bacteria, so this is naturally occurring,” she said.

She say’s this can happen around this time of year when it’s hot and dry. But the ongoing drought has made it much more noticeable to some. The department of utilities has fielded several calls from concerned customers.

“There’s no reason to be alarmed,” said Serran.

Serran reassures us the water is safe to drink.

“The good thing is that it’s temporary, so once there’s more water in the river and the temperatures become cooler, then the taste and odor issue will eventually disappear,” she said.

But how long will all depend on when Mother Nature brings rain.

The funny taste and smell isn’t noticeable to everyone. It really all depends on your palate.

The city recommends using lemon or even putting tap water in the fridge to cool it down to alleviate the earthy taste.

If city of Sacramento customers have any questions or concerns, they are urged to call 311.