By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — There’s a new effort to end repeated grass fires and restore land around the American River.

At Riverdale Resort, neighbors are all smiles. They live along the American River—a little piece of paradise that’s now in peril.

“The concern is it’s going to come through here right out in that greenbelt and come in,” said Tom Powning.

Fire after fire has scorched land along the American River Parkway, many declared arson. Much of the greenbelt has been charred black, blamed on a combination of homelessness and the drought.

In the last two years, 10 percent of the parkway has burned—480 to 500 acres.

The fires are now sparking change. Enforcement is increasing—starting this month Sacramento County is adding extra ranger patrols and increasing shelter beds for homeless.

The county will also add livestock along the parkway to eat overgrown vegetation. It has also passed an emergency ordinance banning portable barbecues.