SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Birds flocking are flocking to a Natomas-area parking lot in droves. Two areas have chosen two very different ways to solve the problem – and shoppers are not happy.

“On that side where the Raley’s is, the birds roost and they poop on the ground,” Rebecca Myers said.

You can see all the poop, everywhere, as shoppers try to avoid the area.

“It’s infested with birds. They start scattering and flying away,” said shopper Mike Stafford. “It gets pretty loud.”

In the tress, Raley’s has put up nets. But Myers says it’s inhumane to the birds.

“He was just dangling there and I don’t know how long he’d been there. But he was dead and it’s just disturbing,” Myers said.

In the parking lot right next door, Myers says they’ve done something different and there’s less birds and less poop.

“On this side they have bird calls to keep them from roosting and they put silver balloon-type things and it’s working,” Myers said.

Yvonne Terry was shopping nearby and can hear what sounds like a recording of a bird.

“It’s very loud and it sounds like it’s only one bird, so it could very well be a recording,” Terry said.

Myers thinks if one area can solve the problem, why can’t the other nearby area do the same thing?

“I think this is a better idea.  I don’t know why they can’t do something over there which works,” Myers said.

Managers to both Raley’s and Marshalls managers have not been returned as of Saturday night.