By Shirin Rajaee

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Woodland High School’s temporary solution for a problem with its bleachers came just in time for Friday night’s homecoming game.

It may be a bit of an eyesore and not the look students wanted for homecoming, but they’re glad the school is doing something about their bleachers.

Just a few weeks ago at the last home game, spectators on the visitors side reported the bleachers were buckling. An investigation showed the problem stretched to the home side as well, prompting both side to be fenced off.

“I’m glad they found it before someone got hurt, but these should have been inspected a long time ago before someone brought it to their attention,” said grandparent Randy Tomlin.

Initial reports showed it’s not just the bleachers that need replaced, but also the infrastructure of the berm it sits on—an estimated cost of around $2 million at the low end.