SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A murder along the American River comes as Sacramento Police are weighing how to handle a recent uptick in crime.

Police are investigating the death of a 34-year-old man near the water intake facility on Jibboom Street as a homicide. Officers who found him around 8:30 p.m. on Monday think he was a victim in a fight, citing trauma to his upper body.

After a long trend downward, including the lowest number of homicides since 1973 in 2014, there’s been an uptick in crime in Sacramento.

“It’s absolutely concerning to me,” said vice mayor Allen Warren.

He represents some of the roughest areas in North Sacramento where he says a nearly 25 percent rise in violent crime and a spike in homicides has to be dealt with.

“The issues have to be addressed, so we have to start seeing results,” he said.

With a formal plan from Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers in the works, part of the strategy is likely to include expanding the city’s Shotspotter program that detects when and where a gun is fired. Currently the system is only in North Sacramento.

Another part would be at $5 million program dubbed Officer Next Door, which would allow the hire of 15 additional officers and the expansion of the city’s gang unit.

Pastor Les Simmons, who has been an advocate for the South Sacramento community says while increasing policing will likely help, the community must be involved and give input, something that some say hasn’t been happening enough.

“We have to feel the change that people are wanting to bring to our community and that requires all of us coming together to come up with that solution,” he said.