Los Angeles (CBS Sacramento)– It’s almost that time of year again to get all dressed up in your favorite costume for Halloween. Celebrities share photos of their children as pumpkins, bumble bees and many other kid classics.

PEOPLE talked with Selma Blair at Brian Bowen Smith’s Metallic Life exhibition in Los Angeles and shared that her 4-year-old son Arthur will be a police officer this year. Arthur, however, will be going without his toy gun.

“I bought him a cap gun and I talked about it with his dad, and it’s taken very seriously. I won’t let him carry around the play gun for Halloween. He doesn’t get to carry it around outside,” Blair said.

She explained that, “He would take a flower and break it and turn it into a gun — bang bang. I mean, that’s his thing. So whether I bought him a gun or not, he finds a way to do it.”

Selma decided this was not only the right time to buy him a cap gun, but also an opportunity to educate her son on how dangerous guns are.

Blair only lets Arthur play with the toy gun if one of the parents is around.

“I am someone that is terrified of guns. I know how to shoot one very well. My sister was a police officer and I have tremendous respect and caution around guns, but it is something he was drawn to,” she said.

While Arthur wears his police costume Blair told PEOPLE she will be comfy in her nun outfit.

“It’s like wearing a Snuggie,” the actress added.