By Steve Large

LODI (CBS13) — A former Congressional candidate admitted to CBS13 that she sent herself fake death threats in the mail.

Karen Davis is now facing federal charges for lying to investigators about two death threat letters she said she received during her failed 2014 campaign.

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“You know, everybody makes mistakes. I did,” she said.

The first letter included the line, “A close up to your head or to your husband will be final. You make the decision not to run for Congress.”

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A second letter read, “If you don’t quit very soon, you won’t be warned. You won’t see it coming. Your family will have to plan a funeral.”

Davis was arrested at her Lodi home following a monthslong investigation she opened when she reported the letters to federal authorities. Investigators say she ultimately failed a polygraph test and admitted writing the letters and sending them herself.

CBS13 interviewed Davis in 1998 when she was sued by a man sent to jail for attacking her, who claimed he was falsely accused.

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Davis was Stanislaus County’s Clerk-Recorder at the time. The Modesto Bee says the man served 18 years based on Davis’ allegations. He maintained his innocence when he was released.