As director of assessment at California Northstate University College of Pharmacy, Sacramento resident, Sukhvir Kaur makes sure that the College of Pharmacy’s mission and strategic initiatives are being met. This often means reporting to her respective deans and committee members of the college on a regular basis to assess the needs of the college. Kaur’s service to the community doesn’t stop at just the University level as Kaur invests a big chunk of her time in providing patient care at Sutter Health Family.

(Photo Courtesy of Sukhvir Kaur)

(Photo Courtesy of Sukhvir Kaur)

Kaur has been recognized by the American Pharmacists Association in recognition of one-to-one patient counseling. On top of all her teaching and service, Kaur is a published researcher, with much of her work, presentations and research published in their respective journals. Finally, you can find Kaur teaching as assistant professor.

What does your job entail?

“For the most part, my job entails teaching which involves teaching pharmacy students and residents in their didactic learning and experiential learning. [My position involves] service to the college, university and community practice. I provide patient care at Sutter Health Family. In addition, my job includes medicine clinic research which includes the scholarship of teaching, learning and patient outcomes.”

What parts of your job do you enjoy?

“In my job I most enjoy teaching.”

What was your education history?

“I have my Doctorate of Pharmacy. Also, I have my pharmacy practice residency.”

Has your education prepared you for your current position?

“Yes, I believe that my education has prepared me for my current position.”

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to pursue a similar career?

“Yes. To be in pharmacy academia, pursue a Doctorate of Pharmacy and then complete a residency. In addition, be sure to have all your teaching credentials in order.”

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