By Leigh Martinez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Teachers and faculty on all 23 CSU campuses voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike unless administrators approve a five percent salary increase.

If a strike takes place, it would not happen until the spring semester.

Teachers advise students to register for their spring classes, but be prepared for a campus shutdown.

Senior Jeff Hansen has big plans after graduation, but before he can start that next chapter, he needs to find out if he’ll be graduating on time.

“I’m looking into a masters program at University of Nevada Reno and getting my teaching credentials. So combined with how hard I’ve worked to get to where I am right now, thinking I won’t be able to graduate will throw a giant wrench in what I’m trying to accomplish,” he said.

The California Faculty Association says it is fighting for a five percent raise. Professor Margarita Berta-Avila says the average professor salary at the school is $60,000 and many haven’t received their salary step increases in eight years.

The strike wouldn’t happen until March or April because the 23 campuses are all on different schedules.

“We’ll have to compare calendars and make sure we pick a time that will have the most impact,” she said.

CSU administrators say they have offered a 2 percent raise and that it is committed to negotiating with the CFA.

The last time a strike was authorized was in 2006. The contract was settled the night before teachers were to walk out.