By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Speaking candidly about his future, Hometown Hero Anthony Sadler says he and his childhood friends are preparing for a new adventure after stopping a suspected terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train.

Sadler says he’s still trying to embrace the whole hero status, along with a possible new career in motivational speaking.

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“It’s been amazing,” he said. “I couldn’t guess we could have come back to this kind of reception.”

A rock star reception and international tour following a nearly deadly train ride in Europe is now launching a new adventure for the three.

“We get to share our different experiences so it’s pretty cool,” he said.

The future career is being birthed for Sadler and his childhood friends Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos after subduing a gunman on that train ride through Belgium on Aug. 21.

Sadler says he’s grateful for the shower of accolades, because he knows for their families, it could easily have been tears.

“We’re all glad to be alive. Situations gives you a new perspective on life. Just glad to be here everyday,” he said.

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He’s glad Stone is alive, especially after an Oct. 8 stabbing in Midtown Sacramento.

“Just like disbelief; I was like no way. Like no way after we survived what happened in France and then an incident in Sacramento I would not have guessed it. I’m just glad he’s doing alright,” he said.

But now it’s high-fives, picture taking and reluctantly embracing their celebrity status.

“We just talk about the crazy stuff that’s happened since then like Alek with ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” he said. “He looks pretty good on the dance floor. I would have never pegged him as a dancer but he’s down there killing it. He’s having a good time.”

Sadler was honored in front of a sellout crowd at Sunday’s Oakland Raiders game. He asked Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio if he could suit up.

“I wanted to return a kick-off but he said maybe next week. So, I may throw the pads on next week. so we’ll see,” he said.

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He was of course joking about professional football, but not about motivational speaking. He says when it’s launched, he will focus on overcoming obstacles and the power of friendship.