By Adrienne Moore

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A high-school football game in Stockton was canceled as tension between the two schools reached an all-time high.

It all started after graffiti was found at the McNair High School campus earlier this week, and students were told they couldn’t go to Friday’s game that was eventually called off.

Senior night at Bear Creek High School left with players in tears and both sides calling for a truce before someone gets hurt.

“I don’t get it,” said Bear Creek senior Darius Livingston.

He was among the Bruins who walked off the field with heads hanging low after learning their fellow students vandalized McNair High School and spraypainted obscenities, genitalia and student names across the campus.

“I think this crosses boundaries between offensive and fun,” said McNair senior Daren Or.

“I know that at McNair, we’ve done some stupid things to Bear Creek the previous years, and the fact that Bear Creek did that back, it was just too much,” said McNair senior Rithy Ross.

Rumors and threats quickly popped up on social media.

“I heard a lot of stuff, like oh, people are going to fight in like the stands or the field, the cheerleaders were going to get into it,” said Bear Creek football manager Julie Vasquez.

When administrators looked at last year’s on-field fight with the Eagles, coupled with the online chatter, Bear Creek’s principal said enough was enough.

“We had enough credible probability and stories to suggest that that would happen again, or even worse, so it’s our responsibility to ensure the safety of everybody,” said Bear Creek Principal Bill Atterberry.

But many parents like Tiffany Labson argue it’s the wrong call.

“Give us another school, or play another school two times,” she said. “Because it’s not fair. That was our last game; senior night.”

“I’m going to keep my head up,” Livingston said. “I’m going to be back. I’ll be playing somewhere else, and you know, when that time comes I’m going to be blessed.”

At least five Bear Creek students have been identified in the vandalism, but the principal says more than a dozen are believed to be involved.

Adrienne Moore