Eric Todd is a software architect at Wire Stone in Sacramento, a digital marketing agency working with Fortune 1000 brands, focused on developing interactive solutions (mobile, touchscreen, etc.) using a variety of native and web technologies. Todd completed his bachelor’s degree in computer science at CSU Sacramento, along with a few varied technical certifications.

(Photo Courtesy of Eric Todd)

(Photo Courtesy of Eric Todd)

How has your education been of benefit to you in your career and/or current office?

“CSU Sacramento didn’t have many job-ready-skill curriculums at the time I attended, but they gave me enough of a well-rounded education that I was generally able to pick up any necessary skills in a relatively short time. While a Bachelor of Science certainly isn’t a prerequisite for a career in software, I believe that the degree was important during difficult economic times. When the economy is tight (think DotCom bust, 9/11), HR tends to raise the credential requirements for prospective staffing. I believe my certificates have helped, as a slight resume differentiator, with specific projects/clients.”

Could you have reached your present position without your educational endeavors?

“I think one of the themes from my time at CSU Sacramento was that your education never really ends. You can never let yourself stop learning, and you need to remain diligent in your craft. I believe that constant learning has been one of the reasons that every position I’ve ever held has been better than the previous.”

What inspired you to enter this field?

“I was exposed to software very early on (my father is still an active engineer). I’ve always loved how writing software combines the elements of both strategy and craftsmanship.”

What are your thoughts on what it takes to be successful in this field?

“Never stop learning! Never stop trying to figure out how to do what you do a little better. Always be a little better than you were the year before.”

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