STOCKTON (CBS13) — Police in Stockton are on the hunt for those responsible for a shooting in the parking lot of a children’s restaurant during the height of the dinner rush.

At least two bullets went through the front windows of the Stockton Chuck E. Cheese’s on Monday night as children played inside.

The bullets went through the windows and hit arcade games, sending children and parents running for cover.

Police say they have almost no information of what led up to the shooting. More than a dozen rounds were recovered in the parking lot. Nearby employees say the bullets struck arcade games. CBS13 cameras caught at least one person being treated for what was said to be cuts from broken glass.

“What the suspect or suspects did was very bold, very brazen, when you’re outside of a family establishment like that,” said police spokesman Joe Silva.

By the time police arrived, those involved were gone.

“We’re asking for the communities help, if they saw something, if they saw maybe even a car speeding out of the parking lot. We need that information,” he said.

Investigators will be reviewing surveillance video as well.

The shooting comes a week after a baby in Stockton was wounded by gunfire as it rode in a car.