By Adrienne Moore

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — An undefeated pee-wee football team that’s ranked No. 4 in the nation says it can’t afford to go play for a championship in Florida.

The Solano County Warriors are trying to find a way to make it to Kissimmee by Dec. 5.

GOFUNDME: Solano Warriors PW Florida Trip

“We all want it bad,” said running back Tamani Williams. “But we all gotta contribute, work hard, do what we have to do.”

Andre Johnson is the man behind the mission to get the team to Florida, but he’s much more than their coach. He’s a mentor and a living, breathing reminder of the realities and ramifications of losing focus in your youth.

“I was a victim of a gunshot wound,” he said. “I did veer off and do something wrong. And you know, that’s why I’m here, giving my time back to these kids so they don’t take that path.”

Gunshot wounds to his back, chest and stomach left Johnson paralyzed at the age of 23. His players say his motivation has not only led them to their No. 1 state ranking, but prepared them to fight for bigger and better opportunities on the national stage.

“He’s just a really nice person and he just teaches us a lot,” said quarterback Nico Cisneros. “Just how to be young men and he teaches us how to be a family here.”

Laverta Horner says most parents simply can’t afford to spend $1,000 to send their children on the eight-day trip, so she’s turned to the Internet to help tackle part of the financial burden.

“We have some single moms, single dads doing it by themselves. They’re the only source of income. So we have to go out to fundraise to get the money to get these kids there,” she said.

With the December deadline fast approaching, and purple and black pride running high, the team family is now on a full sprint to get to the Sunshine State.

Adrienne Moore