By Adrienne Moore

TRACY (CBS13) — Two volunteers with the Tracy Police Department are being hailed as heroes after saving a woman from a burning truck.

Ralph Price and Richard Avila were on their way back to the police station when they suddenly saw thick black smoke and flames coming from Interstate 5. They believe had they arrived even a minute later, the case could have easily turned tragic.

“I don’t feel like a hero. I am not a hero,” Price said.

What they lack in a badge, they made up for in bravery.

They spotted a fireball from an Interstate 5 overpass in Tracy. Within seconds, they sprang into action with another good Samaritan.

“I got there and helped her get away from the truck as it was getting further and further engulfed in flames. And it got a little more exciting with all of the little explosions going on from the air tanks and the tires blown out,” Price said.

“She was pretty hysterical. It was hard to get anything from her. We had gotten up and went about 20 feet and her legs gave out,” Avila said.

“It’s something you know, I think anybody would do. I mean, I hope if it happens to me people traveling by would help me too,” Price said.

The woman behind the wheel is expected to be OK, and did not suffer any burns.

Adrienne Moore