By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Player their hardest in memory of one of their own, the Pacers hit the field for another playoff game in honor of fallen teammate Jaulon Clavo.

Grant High School lost the game to Granite Bay High School, but they’re continuing banding together – now with a $15,000 reward for information in Clavo’s death.

Clavo’s teammates took the field Saturday night as “Pacers for life” fans cheered the memory of the player knew as “#5 JJ.”

Earlier, his grieving mother showed her determination to find answers.

“The reward is an enticement, but just based on your own conscious your own moral beliefs, ethics, you should want these killers to come forward,” Nicole Clavo said.

Nicole was backed by pastors and business leaders.

“We recognize that it will take our neighbohoods to make this happen,” said community leader Derrel Roberts.

Starting out with a reward of $3,500, donations keep coming in a week after JJ was shot and killed on the way to his first playoff game. Donations keep coming in.

“I feel blessed I’m ecstatic,” Nicole Clavo said. “I can never repay this community for standing behind me.”

The Pacers lost Saturday night’s game 24-21, but the community’s resolve to honor JJ and bring justice to his killer remains.