SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Golden 1 Center is scheduled to open in Downtown Sacramento in 11 months, but a partner hotel project’s timeline appears to be slipping.

The Sacramento Kings claim they expected a luxury hotel not to open around the time of the Golden 1 Center’s opening, but the plan still appears to be further behind.

“We knew that they were slightly behind schedule, that they had hoped to be building by now on the actual site,” said Peter Tateishi with the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce.

The tower, which will house 250 high-end hotel rooms, nearly 50,000 feet of retail space and dozens of condos, has yet to lay its foundation. This comes less than a year before the arena’s expected October debut.

The city and the Kings paint a different picture, insisting the tower is still on time and the plan has been to debut it in early 2017. The Golden 1 Center is set to host the NCAA men’s basketball tournament that March. The team says it will be ready by then.

But Alan Reay, head of Atlas Hospitality, says unless work was done around the clock, he anticipates the tower wouldn’t be ready.

“I project that it’s going to take at least 18 months, and that’s assuming no major disruption from El Nino that we’re expecting,” he said.