An SUV was hit by lightning in Melbourne Australia, and the terrifying incident was caught on video.

CBS This Morning on Tuesday showed dashcam footage of the vehicle being struck by the bolt, which sent pieces flying, as the vehicle drove through an intersection and came to a stop.

It’s unclear when the incident happened, or if anyone was injured. The video clip was posted to Nowthis’s Vine account on Friday.

A related incident happened in September 2013. A Nevada City man says his vehicle was hit by lightning.

Steven Conrad was driving when he heard a buzzing noise. That buzz, oftentimes near a car antenna, means a lightning strike is about to happen.

“I heard the buzzing, and I saw the flash, and my first thought was a transformer just exploded. The flash kinda blinded everything out, so everything went white. Then I saw those balls of electricity that kinda dissipated,” he told CBS13.

Steven says he saw what looked like sparks coming off his windshield, similar to other cars hit by lightning. After the bolt blast, Steven was fine.

According to the national Lightning Safety Institute, you should pull over and turn off your car and put your hands on your lap until the storm passes if your car has been struck.