By Kyle Buis

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sometimes in the middle of a long run, you need a break.

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe, to its credit, hasn’t hit the level of Transformers—wall-to-wall, indistinguishable action that wears you down through sheer Michael Bay force. But the stakes can only reach so high.

The Chitauri invasion and ensuing fight with The Avengers devastate a city, gems that contain ultimate universal power are slowly being gathered, an entire city is taken airborne and held hostage.

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After the stakes climbing seemingly as high as they could, you get “Ant-Man.”

The movie, starring Paul Rudd in the titular role, is a welcome step back from the “save the world” plotline and brings the fight to a smaller scale. Instead of a story of some noble hero, it’s the tale of a thief who’s trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his family.

“Ant-Man” is a welcome sidetrip in the MCU, much in the way the Netflix series “Daredevil” reduced the scope to just Hell’s Kitchen. With less globetrotting, there’s much more room for character exploration.

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There are moments when the holes created by the movie’s long and difficult development process do show, but the seams are minimal. Instead, you get a movie that’s more than just a popcorn seller. Which is good, because unless you have an airpopper at home, the place to see this is on Blu-Ray or digital HD starting on Tuesday.