By Leigh Martinez

STOCKTON (CBS13) — For the next three years, Stockton, will be part of a study of how police interact with the communities they serve.

Several Stockton-area organizations and faith-based groups met with federal investigators to give their own evaluations of the Stockton Police force before a Tuesday meeting.

The Stockton nonprofit Fathers and Families was one of those groups. The organization pairs mentors with fathers who were once in jail or prison and their children.

Director Samuel Nunez says he’s excited for the opportunity.

“Now we’re really getting the community’s concerns lifted and make certain we have a very robust conversation that’s critical, long overdue, and hopefully can lead to some changes,” he said.

For the first hour of its observation and discussion, the national initiative wanted to hear from children about what they like about the police and what they think should change.

“Not to be so strict to people. Like, try to talk to them in a more soft tone,” said 11-year-old Edwardo Crabbe III.