By Shirin Rajaee

PATTERSON (CBS13) – A Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy is being praised tonight for jumping in and helping deliver a baby.

He was in the right place at the right time to help a family in need.

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Baby and mom are resting and doing just fine at the hospital, but they have had quite the day, and so did a sheriff’s deputy who tells me this was his first time delivering a baby

Deputy Kyle Briggs had an interesting story to share.

“[It’s] not something I expected when I woke up this morning,” he said.

Deputy Briggs joined the sheriff’s department in 2012 and thought he was just starting a regular 12-hour shift at the sheriff’s substation in Patterson when he was approached in the parking lot by a husband and wife in a car.

“Husband came out, and I could tell the wife was going into labor,” said Briggs.

The couple was too far away from the nearest hospital, which was in Turlock. Briggs called for assistance and, at first, was advised to tell the woman not to push, but it was too late. Her contractions were getting worse.

“I thought maybe it’s just another contraction, but she pushed and baby came out in my hand,” he said.

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“She delivered really quick, he was right there. I came to help, but he did good,” said Patterson City Fire Department Capt. Mike Ambrosino.

“Briggs did a great job, stepped in at a time of need,” said Josh Scott, a firefighter

The praise continued for Briggs from his own department to proud messages pouring in on Facebook.

As for delivered baby boy?

“It’s a surreal feeling; you get trained and you don’t think you’re going to use that training,” he said.

I spoke to the mom by phone as she and the baby were rushed to Emanuel Medical Center.

She tells me in Spanish, you see this on television and, in the news, babies are born in cars, but you never would think it would happen to you.

She also wants to thank the deputy. She says, “He was there when I needed him.”

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We didn’t get to see baby Isaiah, but we’re told he’s six pounds and healthy. The family says they’re just glad he’s doing OK.