GLENDALE, Calif. (CBS) – Since the San Bernardino mass shooting, a gun store owner says he’s seen an increase in the purchase of guns.

“I’d say about 20 percent of our customers are new gun owners,” explains Jeff Bregman, who owns a store in Glendale.

And some of those new guns are wrapped up as holiday presents.

But be warned: anyone gifted a gun for Christmas will have to go through a background check.

In California, every time a gun changes hands, even if as a holiday gift, Bregman says it has to be brought to a gun store where the new owner will fill out paperwork and wait 10 days for the background check before he or she can take the home.

The rule applies even if a person is gifting a gun to their child.

“The difference is there is no 10 day waiting period for what they call inter-familial transfers, which is the parental line straight up and down,” Bregman said.

Those who hand over the gun before it’s legally registered to the new owner are committing a crime.