By Ian Schwartz

SODA SPRINGS (CBS13) — Another winter storm is slamming the Sierra, but this one is coming as thousands of people are traveling for the holidays.

Signs that the snow was coming in sideways were evident in Soda Springs as stop signs in snow that’s flown in from the side.

“We have a tremendous amount of traffic, the same way you can’t put a size 10 foot in a size 5 shoe,” said Caltrans spokesman Dave Wood.

Christmas is days away and for plenty of drivers that’s how long it seemed they had been sitting in traffic. But even with holiday headaches, some like George Trujillo had to get home no matter what.

“We’ll just go really slow, you just have to keep going,” he said. “Weather ain’t never stopped nobody, you just keep going right.”

Bill Brown got some help from fellow truckers on road radioing in for conditions ahead and the news wasn’t good. Long delays over Donner Summit mean he’ll likely be a day late to Christmas with his brother.

“Looks like I’m going to have to take a rain check and see him tomorrow or Wednesday I guess,” he said.

Caltrans says even on a good day the traffic would still be bad. Add in tons of rain, snow and a little impatience, then things get a bit tricky.