By Ian Schwartz

AUBURN (CBS13) – We’ve all be stuck in the airport with nothing to do — bored and just wanting to get home.

What do you do to pass the time? One Auburn man and his friends decide to try some ballet moves. It was simple enough, and it ended up gaining them worldwide fame.

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Nick Topete has come home to be with family, like he always does, but this year he is a million times more famous than he was last year.

“We did a few other things, but it was just for fun. We weren’t trying to make a video for online. I wasn’t even going to post it on Facebook,” said Topete.

He is talking about a video he and his ballet buddies did a few weeks ago when they were stuck in the Denver International Airport.

“We were thinking it was going to be a two-hour layover, but it ended up being a five-hour layover. We were tired; everyone did a show that day, everyone was in a bad mood,” he said.

Topete’s idea was to try and cheer people up, and says he didn’t even plan on posting it online. But he did and it was shared and shared and shared again.

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The video of the State Street Ballet gag has been all over the Internet, shared millions of times and featured by just about every media publication around.

In one of the clips, Topete does a handstand and a traveler zips by like nothing is going on.

“And he doesn’t even stop to look or anything. I really think that’s what made the video so funny,” he said.

Topete says while the video is a good laugh and may help you cope with the busy travel season. He also hopes it opens people’s eyes up to the world of ballet.

“Go to the ballet support the arts. If you liked the video, go see a ballet; you will be entertained, I promise,” he said.

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The video has been viewed over 4.5 million times on Facebook.