By Leigh Martinez

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Santa stayed behind on Christmas morning to help Stockton Police deliver presents to children who were victims of violent crimes in 2015.

This Santa came with a police entourage that startled a few neighbors at first.

“I thought we were having a robbery with a Santa Claus,” an older woman said.

It was the exact opposite as Santa gave out presents and volunteers gave out more presents, and officers came back with even more presents.

The police reached more than 30 families, all victims of violent crimes this year.

“One of my favorite parts is when the other families come out, the other kids come out,” said Chief Eric Jones. “It’s an opportunity for us to really outreach to them too and shows the police in a positive interaction doing something for the community, because we’re part of this community.”

Every child that came out to see outside to see Santa and the police got a present or two while adults got gift cards. Several neighbors say it was a Christmas first seeing Stockton Police not quite like they had ever seen them before.