By Leigh Martinez

STOCKTON (CBS13) — After a recent spike in violence, the city of Stockton hopes to ring in the new year without gunfire.

Stockton Police posted a notice on Monday warning that celebratory gunfire is a crime, and that its Shotspotter technology can help them see where guns are being fired.

“It’s pretty reckless for someone to fire a weapon into the air,” said spokeswoman Rosie Calderon. “The bullet needs to come down and a lot of times it can penetrate a building, a vehicle, and even a person.”

DUI saturation patrols also began on Tuesday, two days ahead of New Year’s Eve. Checkpoints will be set up throughout the city with their locations determined just an hour before officers go out.

Several restaurants and bars will also host parties on New Year’s Eve, and the University Plaza Hotel will let people enjoy the night without having to leave.

“They love the idea of being able to come here, get dressed here, eat dinner in our restaurant, go to the party, and then get to go back to the hotel room afterwards,” spokeswoman Rhona Miles said.

There’s no trouble finding a cab outside the hotel, but walking out, the hotel promises more security guards outside.

“We increased the security guards in our parking lot, to help anybody and make sure everyone is safe getting to their car,” she said.

Police say these are safety precautions to ensure the good time continues into 2016.