It’s all come down to these next two weeks for college football fans. CBS Radio’s Kevin Boehlke talks about the Holiday Bowl featuring the 8-5 Trojans versus the 9-3 Badgers.

Q: USC or Wisconsin?

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A: These two programs are heading in opposite directions. USC is starting to look like the pre-sanction Trojans of old, while Wisconsin kept pace, but the offense struggled the entire season. They’re nowhere near where they’ve been offensively, but have strong lines on both sides of the ball.

Q: How will the game play out?

A: Cody Kessler will have to make quick decisions, but when the ball gets to JuJu Smith-Shuster and Adoree Jackson they’ll leave the Badgers in the dust. Wisconsin has the strength, but USC just has more talent.

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Q: What must Wisconsin do to win?

A: The key for Wisconsin will be how the offensive line wins at the line of scrimmage. The big guys will have to push constantly to make sure they don’t fall behind the chains. USC will most likely keep Wisconsin to below 20 points — even if the game gets going. I don’t think it’s likely USC will score 30 points. Final combined score? I don’t see both teams scoring over 51 points.


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