By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento city leaders are looking for ways to reduce the murders in their city. There was a significant jump in murders in 2015.

This year, police say a high-tech tool could make the streets safer. Communities should expect to see a big effort from the police department and city to build relationships.

The ShotSpotter is one tool, and it’s expanding this year.

Systems like ShotSpotter are the sensitive microphones installed in local neighborhoods last year. They’re basically high-tech ears that listen in for gunshots and deploy officers faster than ever.

The technology has resulted in arrests here in Sacramento and in bigger cities where police departments report they’ve caught suspects almost in the act. The tool goes hand-in-hand with a new committee police commission made up of 11 members, including religious leaders and a former law enforcement official.

Mayor pro tem Angelique Ashby says it’s a start.
“I hope the commission is helpful, but i think that’s a pretty big ask of them to say will this commission reduce numbers in homicide? I think it’s more appropriate to say will the commission build trust enough in the community,” she said.

Police say there have been 43 in Sacramento this year. That’s 15 more than last year — a 53 percent increase.
Police say nearly half of those homicides remain unsolved, including the murder of a 17-year-old football player out of Del Paso Heights. That neighborhood now has dozens of ShotSpotter locations.