CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – A family escaped unscathed after a car crashed into an apartment Wednesday morning.

The scene is near Fair Oaks Boulevard and El Camino Avenue.

California Highway Patrol says a driver coming from a nearby McDonald’s and lost control of her car,¬†crashing into the Shelfield Apartments.

A resident of the apartment says the car crashed into his two and four-year-old children’s bedroom. Miraculously, the children were sleeping in the master bedroom with him at the time of the crash due to mom being out of town.

The resident says driver took a corner way too fast.

“She hit the center divider, slid along the center divider for a little while, hopped off the center divider and was locked straight towards me,” Joe Gilpatrick said. “The only reason her car turned is because she hit [a bump].”

The driver reportedly told officers she was going about 30 mph at the time of the crash, but CHP investigators believe she was going much faster.