By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s gone from eyesore to a sight for sore eyes, but for many it’s tough to picture the transformation of the K Street Mall.

It’s an area of Downtown Sacramento where massive changes are transforming the city. A slice of the season still shines along this stretch of downtown Sacramento known as “The Kay.” We went there to answer top questions about the area.

Maria Martinez, who works near “The Kay”, is worried about her safety. She says has been robbed twice here. To cut down on that danger, she’d like to see a stronger police presence, and wanted to know how many police officers are assigned to the area on a regular basis.

We checked with a Sacramento Police Department spokesperson who says five patrol officers are assigned to the downtown corridor, which incorporates the 700 block of K Street. They’re also assigned to the area with mountain patrol officers, the entertainment team and bike patrol officers.

Police say those numbers don’t include the officers specifically assigned to light rail in the area.

Let’s take a peek into the future. Standing on the doorstep of the new downtown arena, “The Kay” is preparing for a serious make-over, but some who live near this traditionally rundown area are having a tough time picturing the transformation.

One project is going to have 14 different retail leases and is considering having residential space above rooftop patios. But the $51 million housing, retail and entertainment project, the city says is a game-changer, still has a long way to go.

Monet just moved from the Bay Area and wants to give back to her new city.

“I just want to know where more things are around here like volunteer opportunities and things like that?” said Monet.

For anyone interested in volunteering through a city-sponsored program, like our friend Monet, log onto the city’s volunteerism page.

And speaking of opportunities, it’s clear this slice of Downtown Sacramento is riding the wave of the arena surge. Many are hoping “The Kay” won’t just stay in the shadows of its shiny new neighbor, but will stand out on its own.

The outdoor ice rink in the heart of “The Kay” closes on January 18.