4:20 p.m. UPDATE: The city advises residents should continue to boil water until further tests results are available on Tuesday. If those results come up negative, the city will consult with the state on lifting the advisory.


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento city officials have issued a voluntary water boil advisory for one neighborhood after bacteria were detected during a routine water sampling.

The affected area is the Pocket neighborhood west of Interstate 5.

The advisory comes after total coliform bacteria were detected during water tests in the pocket area, according to the city’s website. The bacteria are “used as an indicator that other, potentially harmful bacteria may be present,” the website states. E. coli is a sub-group  of the total coliform group, but no E. coli was detected during the tests.

City of Sacramento officials say they are not aware of any health issues, but are advising people to boil their tap water they use it for drinking or cooking.

“We know that there is not E. coli. We test specifically for that,” said Bill Busath, a spokesperson with the Sacramento Dept. of Utilities.

“If there was E. coli it would be a mandatory boil notice. It would be a very different notice. We do not have E. coli in our system, as of now,” said city spokesperson Pravani Vendeyar.

“Well, it makes me a little nervous about finding out our water is contaminated because we use water for everything. We use it for our soups and stuff,” said

No one has become sick as a result of today’s findings.

To kill any possible bacteria, you must boil water to a boil and let it boil for one minute before letting it cool.

Officials note that the advisory is only precautionary. It will remain in effect until the city can investigate the cause of the bacteria and eliminate possible contamination sources.

For more information, log onto the city’s website.