By Lemor Abrams

FOOTHILL FARMS (CBS13) — Surveillance video shows the men police say stabbed a Sacramento man to death after an argument over slashed tires.

The deadly stabbing on the 5200 block of Verner Avenue happened near the victim’s home after he confronted vandals slashing tires up and down the road.

“We keep everything locked up now,” said Dutch Holland. “Before we’d leave our door open. our kids would run off to the cabana club we had up here.”

He says Christopher Dwillis, 41, was a hard-working father with young children who tried doing the right thing.

Surveillance video couldn’t catch a clear glimpse of the suspects before they took off, even leaving a hat.

The stabbing happened on the pedestrian bridge. There’s still blood on the sidewalk, but not a single clue that’s led investigators to the suspects.

“It’s frustrating but at the same time a lot of these folks, they do their work under the cover of darkness,” said Sacramento County Sheriff spokesman Tony Turnbull.

If there’s a vandalism problem, he says it hasn’t been reported and that residents need to report when they happen .

For now, Holland is keeping an eye out and his guard up.

“I won’t stick my head out now with the problems in the neighborhood,” he said.