LINDA (CBS13) – The dogs that mauled a 9-year-old boy to death in Linda have been euthanized, authorities say.

Jerry Read, the Undersheriff for the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department, said the three dogs were euthanized on Wednesday. The dogs mauled Tyler Trammell Huston to death while he was home alone in a trailer in early January.

Tuesday, the boy’s father announced he will be filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Sacramento County Child Protective Services for the death.

John Huston said he believes his son would still be alive had CPS investigated the trailer Tyler was left alone in. Tyler was in the care of his 24-year-old half-sister, Alexandra Griffin-Heady, on weekends.

Read notes that the case has not yet been forwarded to the district attorney’s office, as they are continuing to finish up their report.