By Steve Large

WOODLAND (CBS13) — The suspect in a Woodland carjacking turned out to be a sweatshirt draped over a bucket and tools, Woodland Police said on Wednesday.

The dispatch recordings reveal what had the makings of a scary scenario.

“The subject is advising that he’s possibly carjacked somewhere between Natomas and Woodland and it sounds like he’s currently walking with the suspect in that area.”

The 911 caller was somehow convinced of a carjacking, only he was very confused.

“I’ve seen people that were under the influence report interesting things, but this is a new one,” said Sgt. Brett Hancock.

Woodland Police responded to the call with sirens. The caller told police he had been carjacked and driven from Sacramento to Woodland.

“He was the victim of a carjacking, and the suspect fell asleep, and he stopped the vehicle and got out of the vehicle and that’s when he called 911,” he said.

Police arrived and looked through the window at what looked like a carjacking suspect,

“We have one male, probably suspect slumped over in the driver’s seat, unresponsive.”

Officers fired a beanbag round through the window to get the suspect’s attention. When nobody inside moved, a K-9 was brought in, and officers found a surprise.

The slumped over suspect was actually a bucket, tools and a sweatshirt.

“My only recommendation is don’t do drugs,” Hancock said.

The victim quickly turned into a suspect—the kind that’s an actual person, not a collection of inanimate objects—and was arrested for driving under the influence.

“He was obviously a danger to others driving down the road,” Hancock said. When asked if that meant he actually did the right thing by calling 911, Hancock replied: “Thats one way to look at it.”

Police arrested the caller, identified as 52-year-old Gabriel Orozco, and booked him into Yolo County jail. His car was impounded – along with the sweatshirt, bucket, and tools.

Orozco has since been released from jail, but is due back in court next month.