SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A lifelong Denver Broncos fan has every inch of his Sacramento home and parts of his body proudly covered in orange and blue, and he has his eyes set on the Super Bowl.

He’s just missing one thing.

“I get emotional because I love the team. I’ve always loved the team.” he said.

From signed jerseys and footballs to garden gnomes and baby pacifiers, Robert Greear has it all, right down to an original Wheaties box from 1997—the year the Denver Broncos finally won a Super Bowl.

“People are like you need to open it and dump it out and I’m like no, I don’t want to open it. So, this means a lot. This is from the first Super Bowl they won,” he said.

His devotion to Denver runs so deep, he’s shared his Super Bowl dream in a Facebook post.

“I saved $1,500 so I could watch the Broncos play in the Super Bowl someday. and as we all know, that’s not even close to the price of a ticket. I’m begging someone to please let me buy one of your tickets. for that price. I will sit anywhere in the stadium. I just want to be there when the Broncos win the Super Bowl.”

Greear wants to make it clear he’s not looking for freebies, he’s willing to pay. But with tickets heading upward of $4,000, he says his video is the ultimate Hail Mary.

“It’s my team and I believe in them. And win or lose, I’m at the game and it will be the best experience ever,” he said.

It’s an experience he hopes will include punching his ticket to Levi’s Stadium on Feb. 7.

So far, his video has more than 47,000 views. He also has an open invitation to a fellow Broncos fan and CBS13 meteorologist Laura Skirde over to watch a game.

Adrienne Moore


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