GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – Super Bowl t-shirts, Super Bowl ball caps, Super Bowl programs – and even a Super Bowl ticket stub.

There are so many memories in this super collection by Vince Matranga.

But if you can believe it, Matranga has never made it to a big game. So how did he manage to score all this fab gear?

“I was house sitting for Mike Perrera who was the NFL rules analyst for Fox Sports,” Matranga said.

Turns out, he’s a great friend.

“When Mike was the director of NFL officiating and he had to move from Sacramento to NYC to be near the NFL office, but he did leave behind his Sacramento home,” Matranga said. “So while he was in New York, I was house sitting, taking care of all the household chores, taking care of his cat, even cleaning the kitty litter box.”

Though he’s yet to step foot in a Super Bowl stadium, Matranga says he’s grateful for every piece on this table.

“I have jackets, I have key chains, I even have a tie that has ‘Super Bowl 38’ on it. The list goes on and on and on,” Matranga said.

He’s OK with throwing out his guesses on next Sunday’s match-up from his couch.

“Carolina just has too talented a team,” Matranga said. “From offense to defense to special teams, and Cam Newton will probably be the MVP.”

Even though Matranga’s bet is on the Panthers, he did say he is rooting for the broncos since he believes this could be Peyton Manning’s last game.


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