SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s been long overdue, but Franklin Boulevard is ready for an upgrade.

“I think it’s great. Franklin Boulevard has the potential to be a street where people walk versus a street they just drive by,” said Jorge Plasencia, owner of La Esperanza bakery.

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments presented the City of Sacramento with a check for a $433,000 grant to get the ball rolling to turn North Franklin Boulevard into a destination place.

“I’ve been very involved, I’ve worked very hard to get this grant,” Plasencia said.

The funding will be used to revitalize the streetscape along the boulevard, which is rich with family-owned businesses – many that have been there for over 50 years.

And while upgrades are welcome, there are some major concerns.

“It’s just gonna cause too much traffic and it’s gonna affect all the neighborhoods here,” said resident Joel Sandoval. “I’m just concerned about the congestion of traffic, it making harder for people to go in and out of stores.

“Even parking, it’s already tight,” Sandoval added.

More trees, bike lanes, and other ideas for the project are meant to make Franklin Boulevard a safer corridor for walking and biking.

And while this is just the first step, the community’s been working on this for two years. The grant money will help take planners through the next 12 months.


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